Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

A New Day

2 Flamerule 1479

We finally get to Arabel and we decided to go stay at the nicest inn in town. They really know how to treat their customers. I doubt we will be able to do this often but it was nice to be pampered for a couple of days.

Yesterday I went looking for sages who could tell me more about the Great Glacier and the Prince of Frost. My head is still spinning from the information I received about the Prince. I had finally got myself over being mad at the Prince he did save my life and he did give me my powers. Then I found out more about the Seelie Prince and his court. I was upset by the fact that he enjoys torturing mortals and gets pleasure out of seeing them miserable. Then I started thinking about how I have been living the last seven years and realize that I was just giving him what he wants. So I spent most of the night up thinking about what I wanted to do with this information. I didn’t even drink any wine.

I finally decided I am not going to be his little plaything. He wants me miserable I will find any and everyway to feel pleasure and joy. It is time that I take back my life from him. I have to complete the task I did make that agreement and I want to be able love again and feel whole. I have to believe that Alain is some how involved with what is going on. He finds out he is the true heir to a kingdom up in the far north about the same time I get my dream. My concern is that if the Prince of Frost wants another cruel king to replace the false king, he will be disappointed. So I will have to do what I can to protect Alain from the Prince of Frost.

So this morning I woke up with a new resolve. After hearing about the womanizing Count Eron Huntcrown at breakfast Doran commented about going shopping for a new dress for the meeting. Elithia and I agreed to go shopping with her. I decided I needed a new dress also so I convinced them to go to the Eladrin section of town and found a beautiful of yellow and greens with purple accents that brings out the purple in my hair and eyes. This is the closest I have felt like to being Dotara since I the day I meet the Prince of Frost.


1 Benny

A New Day

Oh BTW “Prince of Frost” being who he is, he’s definately not the Seelie Court.

A New Day
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