Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Alain's Ordeal

6 Flamerule Today was not so bad. However, I could see the desire growing in Alain as the day progressed. Kelemvor has allowed me to bless and strengthen him. He has been pacing a lot. It is hard for him to sit still (he is still awake late in the night), yet he forced himself to read, in fits and starts, as much of the Adamant Crown as he could. I wish he could sleep, but the growing desire keeps him awake. I fear I will not get much sleep either.

7 Flamerule I awoke to find Alain at the door, trying to open it. When I spoke to him, he turned on me and angrily demanded that I let him out. Oh Kelemvor, what shadow-cursed magic did they use? I feared he would strike me. After I called on the Judge of the Dead to bless him with more of his grace, he was able to regain his composure for a bit.

As the day passed the unfulfilled desire tortured him. I must remind myself that it is the shade-cursed Rhemoraz Breath that has turned him this way; that my friend Alain is just and good. He curses me constantly now, his voice hoarse from alternately begging for more of the foul stuff, and cursing anyone in sight for not giving it to him.

8 Flamerule No sleep last night. The worst has begun. Alain attacked me today, seemingly lost to all reason. I had to call on Kelemvor’s blessings just to subdue him. I have tied him to the bed, though he has already chewed through the ropes once.

Even still, every time I thought he would lose all sanity, he would find some inner strength and pull himself together, if only for a moment. He apologized for striking me during that short moment. It is not his time to pass on, and I will do all I can to see him through this.

9 Flamerule I hope Alain has turned the corner. The near-madness of yesterday and now subsided to random fits of uncontrollable shaking and sweating. I released him, and tried to give him water when he asked for it. It came right back up.

The shaking is awful! It conjures up memories of my father’s passing. However, he has some deeply-rooted strength of will to drag himself back to lucidity, if only for moments. I have prayed over him all day, and spoken to him during the short periods of clarity. It is my voice that runs hoarse now.

Oddly, his shaking episodes are always accompanied by severe sweating. It seems to be similar to fever-sweat, but it is thicker, darker, and discolors the sheets. It also smells quite foul. I wonder if it is his body purging the shadow-taint. He sleeps now, so drained by this ordeal that even the shaking episodes do not wake him.

10 Flamerule Through we are only halfway through the week, Alain seems to be getting better, ahead of schedule. The shaking spells still come, but they are far less violent, and he seems to retain his mind through the worst of them.

Alain must have incredible strength of will. Huntcrown’s household guard told me tales of others that have endured this cleansing process. They said that those usually did not overcome the ravings and regain sainty until the 7th or 8th day.

We have some conversations now, though mostly one-sided. However, he now responds to me intelligently, nodding in acknowledgment, or giving short answers.

11 Flamerule Alain is most definitely improving. The shaking is far less violent now, almost controlled. He also kept down some water for the first time in 3 days. I was becoming worried, for he had nothing to drink since the 2nd day. The gods be praised, he is returning to himself.

Guk came and relieved me for the afternoon. It was a welcome break. Although I prayed for strength to endure with Alain, the past 6 days have been extremely draining for me as well. The afternoon sun was beautiful. It reminded me again of my duties to see that only those whose time is called pass on to the afterlife. There is still much good in the world.

12 Flamerule Huzzah! He is so much better today. He asked to read to himself, rather than have me read to him. Also, the shaking has subsided to mere tremors, and infrequent at that.

Huntcrown visited us today. I think he was pleasantly surprised at how well Alain was. Huntcrown sent us some sweet smelling flowers and herbs to cleanse the air in here. I had not realized how foul the room had become until my break yesterday.

13 Flamerule Strength returns, for sick people do not eat a full meal, and then ask for more 2 hours later! Alain still tires quickly, napping throughout the day, but we are having full conversations now. He is grasping the tenets of the Adamant Crown, and asking probing questions about the parts that he does not fully understand.

14 Flamerule Kelemvor be praised, he actually asked to spar with me today! I was shocked, but assented. I was careful during our short session, for while his spirit and competitive fire have returned, his body is not yet back to full strength.

15 Flamerule The gods be praised! We are through, and he is almost back to his old self. Tired from his ordeal, but clean of the cursed shadow-taint of the Rhemoraz Breath!


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