Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Bright Lights, Big City

1 Flamerule 1479 DR


While I always had expectation of coming here one day, I could not have imagined the circumstances under which I would arrive. Our “quick” two-day trip turned into much more as we eradicated the remaining goblinoid forces faithful to Kalarel. I truly hope that threat is completely eradicated now.

Such wonders the city holds for me – broad, strong walls and gates with guards, roads that you can’t see from end-to-end, and so many strange sights and smells. My relatively sheltered life in Winterhaven hardly prepared me for this…

And then, there’s the Pride of Arabel – our “home” while we stay in Arabel. It’s rates are pricey – I nearly cringed until I remembered how much treasure we’ve accumulated over the last two tendays. But it was worth it – the pampering and food we received were beyond description.

Now, we prepare to see Lord Huntcrown. My newfound allies – no, my newfound friends – are putting their skills to use in finding out whatever they can about Huntcrown before we go to visit him. We are also taking the opportunity to procure new clothes before that audience – to put our best foot forward, as it were.

I just can’t get over how odd it feels to have these resources at my disposal…


wolfhound Elkhorn

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