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Horn of the North

Destiny Revealed

25 Kythorn 1479DR


I suppose I should have guessed that Joral would notice my restlessness of the last few days, but the conversation we had was nothing like I expected.

It is with no small amount of apprehension that I put the following to paper, for it means that I have fully accepted that my world has changed, and my course is set, but I have considered this long and hard, and I accept what my father has told me as true – regardless of the consequences.

My full name is Alain Dragonsbane, and I am, quite possibly, the last true heir to the throne of Damara, a realm far to the northeast, beyond the Dales and the Moonsea.

My birth father was Aulis Dragonsbane the First, and a usurper, Yarin, stole the throne from him when he slew my grandfather.  Assassins chased Aulis when he and his wife fled Damara, and they took refuge in Winterhaven when my birth mother, Kaari, could no longer travel due to her pregnancy.  They gave birth to me in Winterhaven, but were forced to flee as the assassins closed in once again.  Joral believes they made it as far as Berdusk before they were slain.  My father and mother – Joral and Kera, who were unable to have children through no fault of their own, and agreed to care for me.

My legacy, then, is to reclaim the throne of Damara from the usurper.  But how to prove that I have such a claim?  That's where the story gets more interesting.

Most of the royal artifacts – a sword, "Crusder," a signet ring, and a crown – are in the hands of Frostmantle.  It is the last – a horn carried by Aulis – which I can retrieve.  Joral called it "The Horn of the North," and it reveals itself fully in the hands of one of the Dragonsbane line (an enspelled diamond becomes a bloodstone).  Years ago, Joral turned it over to the Huntcrown family to protect until I was ready to claim it.  I will have to prove my worthiness to Lord Huntcrown, and then we will see if the Horn acknowledges me.

And yet, before I can do that, I must reach his estates near Arabel.  And that means convincing my companions that west is the course our fledgling company should take.  I will explain my story fully to them once we are on the road – with recent events in Winterhaven, I do not wish to risk any further ill on the town, or risk that someone will fell purpose toward me might still be there.  For now, I will tell them that my father asked me to deliver a message to Lord Huntcrown.  It is enough of the truth, without revealing all – of course, the message is "I've come for what my father placed in your care."

The only other information I have at this point is scattered, at best.  My only other living relative that I am aware of is Yarin's wife, Kirsti Dragonsbane – his claim to the throne.  She was the one that encouraged Aulis to run, but I cannot see how she can help me now.  Perhaps that will become clear once we reach Damara.

I also know precious little about the Huntcrowns.  My father served under Lord Eron during the recent conflict with Sembia, and they are one of the "old blood" noble families.  Valthrun knew little more than my father, but Sir Garz was able to give me a few more tidbits – that they are loyal to the crown and Cormyr, are investors in many enterprises, and are information gatherers.

There also may be a somewhat hidden connection of the Dragonsbane's to Tempus.  Another name that Joral used for the my horn is the "Silver Horn of Warrior's Rest."  Warrior's Rest is the home plane of Tempus and the other gods of war, including my own patron, the Red Knight.  However, I know mere basics about the worship and faith of the Lord of Battles, so I fear I must learn more of this as well.


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Destiny Revealed
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