Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

3 Flamerule 1479 DR

When I found this book years ago, I did not know it would give me purpose. However, after learning how to read Ayala’s entries, I longed to travel and see what she had seen and maybe right wrongs as I was able, like she did. When my friend David expressed his desire to leave our home village, I leapt at the chance.

I did not expect to run into the very villains that Ayala herself battled.

It was like a strike of lightning when the shopkeeper Bairwin declared his allegiance to Netheril – up until that point I had thought I was battling Shar and her minions, not the evil that is Netheril.

Thus I begin my writings to help keep the clues and knowledge straight in my head, for the path that Netheril takes is an elaborate maze of deceit and shadow. The trail the Netherese leave is not the simple track found in the soft soil of the forest while the noon-day sun shines through the leaves. It is as the paw print of a mountain lion left on a bare rock in the dead of night.

Fortunately Ayala created this book to protect her writings from discovery, so I fear not that my musings will be revealed to those who are my enemy, as the key to this book lies in the forests of my home. All that is seen upon opening this book is poetry. Bad poetry, at that.

I am watchful and wary as we embark on this new journey. Eventually it may very well take us to the lands far north. I am looking forward to learning a new land, and if it turns out that the current ruler is truly evil as we think he may be, then throwing down a tyrant and freeing a people is surely a good thing.

Huntcrown is an interesting sort. He quite lives up to his womanizing reputation with his interactions with Doran and Dot. However, there is a deeper side to him that I am not certain the others noticed – when Alain spoke of his parents, I saw a very somber look flash across the mercurial face. I believe he knows more of Alain’s past, and Alain’s parents, than he let on. Perhaps I will speak to Alain of this, and then should Alain want to inquire further, he may.

In the meantime we have this side job for Lord Huntcrown…. I have never hunted people in a city before, so my skills will not be as useful as they have been in the past. However, I am certain that the others will be very, very effective. In order to acquire the horn and prove Alain’s ancestry, we must find the burglars that plague this city and determine whether or not they are Netherese spies and then deal with them. Perhaps once we are on a trail and I have found my quarry, my skills will become useful again.

Perhaps in the hunt, I can learn more of two legged prey who would be predator.


wolfhound wolfhound

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