Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North


23 Kythorn, 1479 DR

Well 9 Hells we had more Humans arrive. And it is Master Dwarf this and Master Dwarf that…Bah! I mean the lads seem good enough sort and I really would like a piece or 2 of that armor they got even though it is human crafted by the looks of it. You want Good armor you get human made, you want pretty armor you get elf crap, but if you want good strong armor… the kind that makes Goblins weep and the sight of you and wizards beg to what ever god they follow these days; you get Dwarf armor.

Oh and don’t get me started on the name they want for our little group here. They wish to honor a man who could not go into Death fulfilled. I understand him wanting to stop that blasted dragon and that’s the reason but Kelemvor help me if I think going against death it self is honorable no matter the reason and Fat lot good it did too all he could do was sit in his coffin pissing and moaning about it. Honorable intention stopped me from sending his unearthly corpse to the nine hells but I will be an elf before I honor the name; His past deeds aside. I can’t wait till we can re-consecrate his corpse and send him back to Selune, YO KEEGON she misses you go go hurry geez. Go get your blasted reward already.

Anyway, I mean call us BOO BOO KITTY TEETH before that. I think we should stick with the generic “building material” “animal,” something like the Wooden Orangutans would be better. And Ilmater help the poor fool that dreams up something elvish. AH hell these blasted Humans; I’m about the ONLY BLOODY DWARF in this Kelemvor Forsaken land. I mean really the bloody guards sleep more than most cats! You do that even in my little slice of the dales you’ll get your kneecaps banged by your mother. Here we go another day of plotting out basic stone work and mortar.


1/2 Benny


If rated by how hard I was laughing, I’d give this post 14 Benny’s! Sure miss being around your humor, Mr. Rurick! Hopefully, it won’t be much longer before a bit of a reunion!!

wolfhound wolfhound

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