Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Just another day in the life of an adventurer

22 Kythorn 1479 DR

Yesterday went totally different then we had expected. It started off normal we found sleeping guards at the entrance to town. Rurick had fun waking them up, he has more of a sense of humor than I realized.

Instead of going into town we decided it would be best to bury the dead. On our way to the graveyard we noticed undead and one of them was flying, which made great target practice for Elithia and me. So we quickly killed them off and went to figure out where they were coming from, when Elithia heard someone about to be sacrificed, I so need to work on my observation skills I never notice anything.

Open up a Mausoleum to find a Shadar-kai, talk about things going bad quickly. After we stopped him from killing a half-elf, Doran; he was trying to bring back Kalarel. I end up with a vampire trying to kill me from behind and a Shadar-kai trying to kill me from the front. Well I should have known it would go for me not like I like them very much either. The Shadar-kai was too strong for me so I got out of range. Before the rest of the group could kill him, he got away by some amulet. I know he will be back and I know he wants my blood. I am sure his Mistress is not happy with the rest of the group either.

So after talking to Doran we figure out where she was kidnapped from and go to confront the shop keeper. I really need to check the doors before Rurick kicks them down because ouch that hurt. Some thunder trap just about knocks me out and wakes up half the town. I think the other group had the same problem but I am not sure I was still having problems hearing. Once we get inside we find the temple to Shar in the basement and the shop keeper is actually a priest and is having a meeting. Oh so much fun killing shadow creatures. I do have to say I like fighting with Doran I need to work on some spells that could help us work together better. After defeating the shop keeper we haul him off to the Lord who kills him after admitting he is Netherese spy and a priest of Shar. I didn’t think the old guy had it in him after he had us execute the last traitor we found. So when the Purple Dragon Knights show up Rurick and I take some guards up to the Keep and when we got back we finally get to celebrate.

Much drinking was done and the leader of the patrol suggested we get a charter. I was not that keen on the idea until it was mentioned that Shar and Netheral would probably be after us now and that with the charter we could carry our weapons openly in towns in Cormyr. We didn’t talk much about that last night though too busy enjoying ourselves and remembering fallen comrades. I did get that bottle of wine for Sir Braelyn. I don’t know which but either that man can drink a whole lot or he is good at making it look like it. I am actually feeling the effects still and that has been a long time since that has happened.


wolfhound wolfhound

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