Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

No More Shadows in Winterhaven

21 Kythorn 1479 DR

We planned to bury the remains of Sir Keegan’s family in the town’s cemetery where we hoped they would rest easy, and Sir Dueran needed a proper funeral pyre. However, when we arrived at the cemetery, we found undead roaming freely! We quickly dispatched the zombies and gravehounds and moved to find the source. We found it in one of the larger mausoleums. We burst in just in time to disrupt a sacrificial ritual, with Doran as the sacrifice!. A Shadarkai, a vampire, several skeletal warriors, and more zombies awaited us. Unfortunately, the Shadarkai escaped through some magic teleportation device.

We learned from Doran that she was captured as she browsed through one of the local shops. This seemed to confirm some suspicions or premonitions the others had about the shopkeeper. We rushed to the shop, and despite some magical traps, found that the cellar of the shop had been converted to a Sharran worship den! There we found that the shopkeeper was in fact a Sharran priest! We battled him and his minions in his dark chapel.

Our tactics were much improved over the first battle; we fought much better as a group than we could have individually! Alain, Rurick and I worked together on the on the shadowreapers and dark servants. Doran somehow slipped behind several of them and plied her blade with deadly effect! Elithia and Dot were using their ranged abilities in support. Once the first row was slain, Alain and Rurick charged! Alain exploited a weakness in their line which allowed me to reach the priest! Calling on Kelemvor, he fell beneath my blade!

We kept the priest from dying, and took him, bound and gagged, before the local lord. The priest condemned himself by his own tongue, and was summarily executed by the lord. Though the lord is elderly, there is tempered steel in that old man’s body! Wisdom as well, as we found that he had sent for the Purple Dragon Knights the day before. They arrived before the day was gone and took our report. The commander suggested that we obtain a charter as an adventuring group.

The lord lamented how such filth could have secreted itself without his knowledge. Just as the spider encourages clutter to make its webspinning easier, Shar encourages others to not look into the shadows. she wants us to ignore the shadows and look to the light, thereby allowing her to grow unnoticed.


wolfhound wolfhound

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