Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North


5 Flamerule 1479 DR

My halberd shattered the apparatuses that had been used to conduct the foul concoction known as Remorhaz’s Breath. As I continued to destroy the equipment, I failed to notice the purple cloud floating around me.

Quite suddenly, the table wavered before my eyes and I thought I felt myself falling…

But I landed on my throne… the throne of the Dragonsbanes, recovered from foul Yarin and his allies with the help of my companions, who gathered around me, cheering. The people of Damara were celebrating the defeat of the tyrant, and even Lord Huntcrown. King Foril, and Price Irvel were in attendance at my coronation. Regardless of my bloodline, I had come of age in Cormyr, and the ties between the Bloodstone lands and the Forest Kingdom would be strong indeed.

The proceeds of my days adventuring had paid for a grand feast that all Damarans were welcome to partake in – for with my companions by my side, I was in no danger…

Time and the world shifts around me….

Some time after that feast, I sat on my throne, my queen by my side… but I can’t make out her face… it is a rush of images and blurred features… but her hair distinctly shifts from green… to golden blond… to silvery purple… over and over again…

Time and the world swirl around me for a much longer time, in nauseating patterns – I had no concept of how much time had passed as my eyes finally opened and focused on the two dwarves trying to speak to me. The pain in my head was incredible, and I felt very, very tired…


wolfhound Elkhorn

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