Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

We won

21 Kythorn 1479 DR

I can’t believe we survived! I am sitting here writing while everyone else is sleeping. We don’t look very good now but we were already beaten up when we climbed down that rope. It is my fault we got hurt so bad I have got to look for traps better. I will never trust a statue again.

We defeated Shadraxil well I would not say we actually defeated him more like just kept him from leaving his shadow prison. We did get a lot of help from some paladin of Kelemvor I think he said his name was Sir Braelyn. Poor guy saw his mentor killed in front of him. I know that has to be hard to lose someone you respected and feel like it is your fault because you could not do more to save them. I need to remember to buy him a bottle of good wine when we get back to town; he is going to need it.

So back to the battle there was a few undead creatures yuck can’t stand undead and this really annoying priest of Shar. He just would not shut up and die (As for us well I know I got knocked out once but that local kid Alain helped me out). He just kept going on about the dark being stronger than the light and about Shar. He was worse than the cleric in religion classes, probably why I dropped that class.

Sir Braelyn and the dwarf Rurick seemed to make a good team. I need to go do some target practice though it seems after I got knocked out I could not hit anymore. Now that this Shadraxil mess is done hopefully I will be able to get the Sage to tell me more about my task now. At least I have some more gold now to keep my search going.


1/2 Benny

We won
wolfhound wolfhound

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