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Horn of the North

What does the Future Hold?

21 Kythorn 1479 DR

Many years have passed since Sir Dueran Farrider took me into the service of Kelemvor. After the events of the past 24 hours, I know that I am ready to carry on. I must be better, stronger. My new friends can help me do that. I couldn’t stop that Sharran priest from sacrificing Dueran. I thank Kelemvor and all the gods that we were able to stop the Shadarkai from sacrificing the half-elf girl, Doran.

After the battle in the bowels of the Keep, I could barely contain my self-loathing. My mentor was sacrificed to evil, while I live. Yet after saving Doran from the same fate, Kelemvor opened my eyes. Sir Dueran and I had been foolhardy, pressing on when we should have sought strength in numbers. We entered the keep about 12 hours after the others. We found the bodies of their enemies where they were slain. However, instead of joining with them, we rushed into battle with the priest. Had we joined with them, Sir Dueran would probably still live. It is a lesson that I must not forget: I can serve Kelemvor just as ably, or even better, as part of a group than as a lone warrior.

This group is multi-talented. Rurick, the dwarven warrior is fearless. Alain is a young warrior with a talent for tactics and battle, amazing since he says that he has no formal training. The two Fey-kin women are as deadly as they are beautiful; Elithia, the slender elf with her bow, and Dotara, the mysterious eladrin with her spells. Hopefully Doran, the half-elf we rescued, will join with us. I am surprised and impressed with her tenacity and inner strength. Most women would have been a hindrance after being rescued from a sacrificial altar. Not her! She snatched up a blade and proved to be both quick and deadly. I must admit that I am attracted to her. She has a resilience and exuberance for life that I have never seen before. Yet what chance could she have with me? I must not think such thoughts.

I must see if I can convince them to remain together with me. What a formidable group we make!


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What does the Future Hold?
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