Salvana Wrafton

Owner and keeper of Wrafton's Inn


Salvana has long unkempt blonde hair, blue eyes, average build, height, and excellent complexion. Her prefered outfit is a sturdy leather bodice, white underdress, and an overdress and apron made of a fabric not easily stained. Her favorite color appears to be a practical (and readily available for cheap) shade of madder red.

She is well known and regarded for her charming and warm personality that readily makes people feel at ease (Cha 17).

  • Diplomacy (+11), Bluff (+11), Insight (+9), Perception (+4)

Salvana is friendly and open, quick with a smile and a warm welcome. She employs several waiters, waitresses, and cooks. She is a widow and her only child is a son named Corlon that moved away to Arabel to seek a trade and to indulge in urban life.

Wrafton’s Inn is famous for three things: Salvana herself, her Forest Berry Pie, and her cold brewed Winterhaven Beer. She only makes a small amount each year in for the Midwinter festival and it’s just for the locals (and guests that are in town during this time).


“Oh, the keep? It’s just northeast of the village, up in the Thunder Peaks. But no one goes that way. Too dangerous! Monsters of all sorts! Ghosts and vampires, I hear. Nothing anyone who values their life would get anywhere near. Valthrun probably knows more.”

“Kobolds! Those buggers are braver all the time! Lord Padraig would probably be interested in hearing your story. He’s been trying to get the Purple Dragons to come and clear out those vermin for the last few months with no success.”

“A cult of Shar around here? That’s ridiculous! Winterhaven follows the teachings of Chauntea. There are no cults anywhere around here. I’m sure of that!”

Salvana Wrafton

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