Lord Padraig

The lord of Winterhaven


An aging human still in excellent health with white hair and brown eyes. Lord Padraig invariably dresses in the fashions of Suzail (even if it is usually a season or two out of date).

He’s an excellent speaker and listener, Diplomacy (+12)


Ernest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven, is descended from a noble family that rules the area under edict of the throne of Cormyr. Folks around Winterhaven were happy with Lord Padraig’s father’s authority (first appointed after the Spellplague), and they have found answering to the rules of the new lord no more arduous. On the other hand, Padraig doesn’t have absolute power. For instance, he has been unable to raise a force from among the villagers to deal with the kobold problem on the road.

Padraig commands the Winterhaven Guard, a core group of ten soldiers who perform guard and police functions in and around the walled portion of the village. The Guard patrol in pairs. To augment this force, Padraig can muster a group of about fifty civilians, given a day’s notice. However, he can only do this if the village itself is threatened—the villagers have no desire to patrol the road beyond the farms. That is left to the Purple Dragons, but patrols rarely stop in Winterhaven except when Sembia threatens (or is suspected of espionage).


“You’ve encountered the kobolds that have turned the East Way and our outlying farms into their personal hunting grounds? Those beasts vex me sorely. Yet neither the villagers nor the Purple Dragons recognize the seriousness of the problem; or they refuse to. Attacks along the road have grown more frequent over the last few months. Something’s stirring the kobolds up. I don’t suppose you would be interested in taking a commission from me? I promise you, I can pay well for your services.”

Lord Padraig

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