Sage of Winterhaven


Dark hair, eyes, complexion and clothing, the “Prescient Sage of Winterhaven” lives in the only truly distinctive feature of Winterhaven itself – the Tower. He dresses in the manner of learned men of Suzail; even if the cloth is poor and often threadbare.

History (+12), Nature (+11)


Valthrun “The Prescient” fancies himself a Wizard (and he has some small skill with Rituals and the most rudimentary spells). He is aided in his belief by the fact that he is the resident of the Tower and because he is the last of a long line of War Wizards that have always lived in the Tower of Winterhaven.

In truth, the Tower was never intended to be a “Wizard Tower” and is, in fact, a five-story stone watchtower (in the military sense) built 1000 years ago by the Sir Keegan. The Tower has a moderate enchantment on the exterior stone that has allowed it to survive both the Spellplague and the ravages of time. When Sir Keegan’s keep was destroyed, the books and tomes were transferred from his keep to this Tower.

Valthrun’s true use to the community (and Lord Padraig) is far more mundane. He is a master of predicting the weather and helps keep the crops growing and producing a fruitful harvest. He is; in fact, a Sage of agriculture and local history… but little more.

Much of what is known about Shadraxil today was researched and compiled by Valthrun.


“There hasn’t been an honest to goodness evil cult in or around Winterhaven in more than a hundred years. Where are you getting these strange ideas, my friends? Someone, I fear, is trying to lead you astray.”


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