Sir Garz Ordeth

Purple Dragon Knight Swordcaptain of the Winterhaven garrison


Garz is a tall, powerfully built man in his late twenties. He’s young, but not especially so for a Swordcaptain. He wears heavy armor covered by the “generic” white tabard with the purple dragon crest of a bonded and chartered Purple Dragon Knight company. He has tanned, leathery skin, brown eyes, and fairly long dark walnut brown hair.

Swordcaptain of a cavalry Kadrath of the Hullack Company of the Purple Dragon Knights (headquartered in Arabel). Recently appointed to command the “garrison” in Winterhaven, established to overwatch the prison of Shadraxil the Dragon.


What little is known about Eredar was gleaned by the party during the evenings at Wrafton’s Inn huddled around the tables drinking ale. He is the heir and scion of a Comyrian noble family from Suzail. His father wanted him to learn “something of how Cormyr really works” out on the frontier and bought him a cavalry commission as a Swordcaptain in a fairly respectable chartered Purple Dragon Knight Company in Arabel (the Hullack Company).

He takes his duties very seriously and like many of the Purple Dragon Knights that serve with him, are patriotic Cormyrians that hate Netheril (a hatred born of tradition and nurtured by what they’ve seen on the Sembian frontier).


“My men and I will do what we can.”

Sir Garz Ordeth

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