War Wizard of Winterhaven garrison


Eredar is a young human wizard with billowing crimson robes decorated with heavy embroidery of “all seeing eyes.” The robes hide his scrawny body. He has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Cormyrian War Wizard that works with the Hullack Company (based out of Arabel) – often found with various Kadrath of the cavalry; especially the Kadrath of Swordcaptain Ordeth. Is part of the new garrison at Winterhaven.

Most folks don’t like to talk to Eredar, he’s extremely arrogant for one so obviously young.


What little is known about Eredar was gleaned by the party during the evenings at Wrafton’s Inn huddled around the tables drinking ale. He grew up in Cormyr and came to study magic at a young age with a mentor (a family friend) in Suzail. As soon as he was old enough to join the War Wizards, he did so. He’s something of a patriot and considers Netheril the greatest threat to face his Forest Kingdom home since the Spellplague.


“Those are rudimentary spells and the fact that your village sage lacks the knowledge is extremely distressing. You’re all lucky you’ve survived this long.”


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