Delphina Moongem

Elven flower maiden of Winterhaven


A lovely elf maiden that dresses in simple clothing dyed with natural hues (usually browns and greens, or unbleached wools and linen). She has green eyes, dark silvery hair, and a healthy tanned complexion.

A long time resident of Winterhaven, she can usually be found in town selling flowers on Market day, or occasionally with Sister Linora who is the cleric at the village’s shrine to Chauntea. Aside from Market Day, she comes as goes as she pleases, generally calling Winterhaven home. She is often seen picking flowers north of the village preparing for the next market day.


For reasons of her own, she left the woodlands of her people to live an “urban life” (such as it is in a small rural community like Winterhaven) amongst humans in the high mountains. Many in town consider her a bit “moon touched” (crazy) in the head.

Recently in the campaign, it was revealed that Delphina was actually an agent (or employee) of Lord Huntcrown.


“I collect flowers near the old keep. You need to be careful if you decide to head over that way. There are goblins in the ruins, more and more of them all the time. I have no idea where they are all coming from, but it’s obvious that they’ve moved in and plan to stay.”

Delphina Moongem

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