Count Huntcrown

Current Count Huntcrown, head of a great Cormyrian Noble Family


A tall, well proportioned, human of middle-age with salt-and-pepper hair and dark brown eyes. The Count of Huntcrown always dresses in the latest Suzail fashion, with exquisite taste in color, cloth, and cut.


The Lord of Huntcrown is known for his carousing, parties, womanizing, and general rakish behaviour in public. However, all who know him personally (and call him by his given name of Eron) speak of his intelligence, cunning, and fervent zeal for Cormyr and the advancement of Cormyrian interests in the world.


“If you are a friend of the Forest Kingdom then rest easy, for you are a friend of the Huntcrowns. Now, shall we drink the Arabellan Dry or shall we try this Rashemi Firewine I recently acquired?”

Count Huntcrown

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