The Benny Bank

Account Balances

  • Alain: 5
  • Braelyn: 2.5
  • Dot: 3
  • Doran: 0
  • Elithia: 0
  • Guk: 0

Earned/Spent Log

  • 5/13/2009 log starts tracking
  • 6/29/2009 – Braelyn and Alainn earn 1 each for the “detox” posts, Braelyn gets another 1/2 for his “On to Waterdeep” post. Totals above already updated.

What is it?

A system to reward players in-game for things they do to help make the campaign better overall.

What’s a Benny? (Benefit Point)

Two ways to use:

Method 1: Functions like an Action Point except:
  1. Persistant – They don’t go away after a long rest or game session
  2. Boss Encounter Edge – If it’s a fight where the GM uses an Action Point (like a solo monster/boss fight), you can spend a Benny even if you’ve already spent your own action point for the round.
    • If the GM spends more than 1 Action Point, you may spend more than 1 Benny.
Method 2: Cinematic Action
  1. If you take the time to describe your action, power, effect, and how it pertains to the scene at hand (“I draw forth two arrows, pull off one vein of the fletching from each, nock the arrows and let fly. The arrows bury themselves in the chests of the Orcs that are currently flanking the Paladin. My ranger uses Split the Tree.“) then you need only roll to see if it’s a crit. Spending the Benny guarantees a successful dice roll.
  2. This may be combined with additional actions gained by spending Action Points. (Yes you can spend a Benny to replicate an Action Point and then spend a second Benny to ensure the hit.)
  3. When you use a benny in this way, feel free to add minor cosmetic “set dressing” type items to the scene if you feel that it will improve things or make minor cosmetic changes to a mechanic.
    • For example, “My dwarf is getting sick of their blabber. I take a pewter mug from a nearby table and brain them all with it, spewing dark ale all across the tavern floor. I use Cleave and do non-lethal damage.
    • In this case, rather than require the Dwarf to Spend a minor action to draw his axe and use Cleave and declare non-lethal damage, a cosmetic change using the same minor action to pick up a mug from a table (which the DM may or may not have described as being there earlier) and deal full normal axe weapon damage with the mug. A far cooler scene, and no penalty to “game mechanics” just because he wanted to be more cinematic about it.

I’m doing this because there is no singularly less enjoyable moment in gaming, than to have a player take the time to do a cinematic description; investing all of their creative juices into a couple of narrative sentences that adds color and enjoyment to the humdrum of rolling dice… and roll a 4. Think of Method 2 as your opportunity to be the action sequence choreographer; YOU tell ME how the scene goes.

Current ways to earn

  • 500 words for journal updates and character back stories
    • Journal updates that are less than 500 words can be “added together” (usually 2 updates for 1 Benny)
  • Consistent narrative roleplay all during the game.
    • If you spend the entire game taking the time to describe your actions (even and especially in combat) rather than just “I try to hit him again. I use (name of power). I rolled a 23.” or “I’ll try to persuade them to come along with us. I’d like to roll Diplomacy.


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