Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

A Tavern Brawl

4 Flamerule 1479 DR

The tavern brawl was wild and brutal. When it ended, a dozen of the thieves lay broken and bleeding. The halflings of the gang were left alive for questioning. Both Dot and Doran (who either intimidated or charmed with wiles) assisted Braelyn with the interrogation. Unable to withstand the triple assault from the heroes – in exchange for his life – the halfling sang like a bird.

Their little gang, the Grainsheaf Scorpions, were addicted to “purple powder” (known as Remorhaz Breath to non-street folk) and had been trading some percentage of their ill gotten gains to a dealer to keep them in supply of the powder. This dealer, a Sembian known as “Nightshade,” and his (her?) minions based their operations in a small farming thorpe a few hours away (and completely off the beaten path) in Corhen’s Crossing.

Leaving the tavern keeper to deal with the mess (for which he had been amply compensated); the heroes followed the halfling (Bippy by name, ultimately the only Grainsheaf Scorpion to survive the night) to their hideout where the stolen goods were recovered. They returned the goods to the Blue Scorpion; the town guard had already arrived and were taking statements and cleaning up corpses. The guard captain, outnumbered & outmatched at this time of night; ensured the the heroes’ Charter was in order and took the goods as well as some basic information. The heroes then returned to the Pride of Arabel for a rest; the plan being to head out to Corhen’s Crossing after a late breakfast.

  • Game: 2/27/09 via OpenRPG
  • Not Submitted as RPGA Home Campaign – previous session was short
  • XP: 175 each
  • Gold and Treasure
    • Recovered from pockets and pouches of the thieves: 90gp


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