Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

The Adamant Crown

15 Flamerule 1479 DR

Guk of Torm, the dwarven cleric that had been discovered in the cell of the farmhouse took it upon himself to return to the haze covered community to seek out some kind of evidence as to the nature of the Remorrhaz’s Breath. Following the ranger’s lead, everone (except Alain) tied wet cloth around their nose and mouth to try and dampen the effects. In the farmhouse they did their best to recover any notes or books detailing the goings on. Additionally they studied the ritual circle on the second floor (Braelyn destroyed the statue to Shar in the process).

Alain, Guk, and Dotara went to Arabel to fetch the War Wizards, hopefully to come and investigate the alchemical lab more fully. Upon arriving in Arabel, they went to one of the barracks of the Purple Dragons to seek out Swordcaptain Durgan Kyrioth, the one they had met with several evenings before during their investigations of Arabel by night. All seemed well until the guards noticed Alain’s face – and ultimately he was arrested for suspicion of being under the effects of Remorrhaz’s Breath (and when they searched his belongings, they found many pounds of the poweder in his Bag of Holding). Guk, tried to diplomatically discuss things, but as his name was not on any of the adventuring charters the swordcaptain tested his claim. When asked a question about his church, unfortunately it was about a leader from a community far away and removed from where Guk hailed – so he was tossed in the cell as well (for openly carrying arms without a charter). Dot was alone left to lead a suspicious and on-edge heavy cavalry patrol of Purple Dragon Knights back to Corhen’s Crossing.

Upon arriving in the village, things were tense at first, but Braelyn was able to take the swordcaptain on a “tour” of the village and explain things sufficiently to Sir Durgan’s satisfaction. He sent for the War Wizards on his authority, and after leaving a pair of knights to stay behind in Corhen’s Crossing to sort the evidence, returned to Arabel with the party and released the prisoners – dropping all charges (he had run across the Charter from Lord Huntcrown earlier and, upon determining the full extent of the circumstances – for his career’s future he had no other option than to let them go).

After dinner, the heroes went to Lord Huntcrown’s residence to give him a status update. Huntcrown listened to the summary and asked the heroes to return the next day for lunch – he needed time to compose his thoughts and to regain his composure after the details were revealed to him. The next day at lunch, Huntcrown revealed his reservations about Alain’s current ability to lead (echoed by Alain himself) and indicated that he could both help Alain kick off his addiction as well as give him clues that would take him to Calimshan. There, in the desert kingdom, he might be able to learn more about the mysterious power behind Yarin Frostmantle’s throne – the enigmaatic necromancer known only as Lord Ashmourne.

For a Tenday, Alain struggled to throw off the worst of the addiction created by the Netherese alchemical substance known as Remorhaz’s Breath. His only companions were Braelyn (a Paladin whos spiritual strength lent him great assistance), Lord Huntcrown, and a copy of Lord Huntcrown’s book on the nature of political power – The Adamant Crown.

  • Game: 4/25/09 via Fantasy Grounds II
  • Not Submitted as RPGA Home Campaign (I forgot to prelist the game)
  • XP: (since some characters were only a hundred or so XP from 5th level, I’m just saying “everybody is 5th level) so Ding! 5th Level. (minimum xp for the level)
  • Gold and Treasure
    • Coin: n/a
    • Items: n/a
  • Action List
    • Level up to 5, minimum XP for 5th level
    • Guk, I need some pictures for your character so I can create the headers, icons, etc.
    • Please send me a current list of all magic items you’ve got for your character (if you’ve got them successfully into your Character Creator file, just send me that).


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