Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North


6-15 Flamerule 1479 DR

6 Flamrule

With the assistance of Count Huntcrown and my friends, the process of ridding myself of the Remorhaz’s Breath addiction has begun. After my encounter at the Purple Dragon garrison, I don’t have much choice. My supply of the Breath that I took from Corhen’s Crossing is long gone, and I could either face the withdrawal symptoms alone, or with help.

So, I am sequestered in a fairly spartan room in Lord Huntcrown’s estate. While Lord Huntcrown and most of my companions have promised to look in on me regularly, my constant companion is Braelyn, lending me the strength and blessings of his faith as I battle this addiction. We have had some minor conversations today, but nothing of significance or relevance. I have begun reading the Adamant Crown, Lord Huntcrown’s treatise on the nature and durties of nobility. I hope to gain insights from both reading this book and speaking with him as the week goes on, but right now it’s very hard to concentrate.

But for now, I am tired. Braelyn has finished his evening prayers, and I pray to the Lady Grandmaster that today is the worst of what I face.

7 Flamerule

The symptoms are _. I can barely hold my quill lo _[smeared scribble]

9 Flamerule

I am forcing myself to record someething to prove that I am surviving this ordeal. Yesterday was… awful. Today, nearly so…

10 Flamerule

For the last three days, I have hardly been able to move, let alone take a meal. The cravings were overwhelming, and what little I had eaten on the first day I had expelled by midday on the second. Only Braelyn’s voice kept me somewhat grounded. He spoke of his faith, read to me from the Adamant Crown, and prayed over me many times. I could not tell you exactly what he said, as I was hardly able to focus on the sound of his voice, let alone what he was saying. Lord Huntcrown and my friends seem to think I am past the worst of the symptoms. I can only hope so – I cannot imagine going through worse.

11 Flamerule

I have finally been able to hold down more than small sips of water and wine. I am shaky, to say the least, but I will get through this. Braelyn has been an anchor for me to hold tight to, with my other allies providing support as they have come to visit, including, surprisingly, additional support from GUK, the faithful of Torm that we rescued. I have noticed that they don’t come as close to me anymore – I must be rancid, but I cannot tell anymore.

12 Flamerule

I can finally read for longer periods of time again, so Braelyn has been able to rest his voice from having to read to me and pray over me. After having his staff hang some fragrant herbs and pomanders in my room for awhile, Lord Huntcrown returned to have longer discussions with me regarding my readings from The Adamant Crown.

13 Flamerule

I was actually able to eat a full meal of normal food today. Between Braelyn and Lord Huntcrown, I have found much to ponder and consider about how I will go about not only freeing Damara, but also ruling it.

14 Flamerule

My strength is definitely returning. I have been able to do some minor unarmed sparring with Braelyn, to begin reconditioning myself. I don’t last long, but it’s not about the battle as much as the exercise. Although, Braelyn does seem to take some pleasure in putting me down from time to time….

15 Flamerule

Today should be the day of my release. While I am still somewhat weak, I am eating well again, and am more than ready to return to the Pride of Arabel for a long overdue cleansing. Lord Huntcrown seems pleased with the things I’ve learned from the Adamant Crown. I’m just sorry that I won’t have a copy with me when I leave Arabel.

Lord Huntcrown says that he has information for us – a possible clue regarding Ashmourne. We’re to return in a day or so to get this information and determine our next course of action.

I also have a much deeper respect for Braelyn and his devotion to his deity. I’ve always tried to live by the tenets of the Red Knight, but it always seemed to be a means to an end, rather than a relationship. I cannot tell what the future might bring, but for now, I feel that my own faith has been strengthened by Braelyn’s example.


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