Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North


26 Kythorn 1479

That queldaan Prince of Frost, when he said that he would give me my task after 7 years, I figured he would be a little more specific. NO he sends me some inshun cryptic dream.

I just woke up from a dream about a crown, covered in ice, watched over by elves made of frost and snow… a black creature with a long beard tried to wield the crown but could not pick it up. Then, I saw a shapeless, nameless face pick up the crown and put it on. Somehow in the dream I could sense that the elves of ice were waiting to see if this new creature is better than the old one. I could also tell that the Prince of Frost is one of the ones that waits.

The Prince might have taken away my ability to feel love but he did not take away the ability to feel pleasure. I am learning to be grateful for what I do have; wine can take away some of sharpness of the pain, lovers can give me pleasure for a short time, and my powers give me hope that one day I will complete my task and will be able to feel love again. None of these fills the hole inside of me but they all help me get through another day.

I figured that Valthrun is probably really knowledgeable about this section of Cormyr but from my dream I believe I will be going much farther north. I will ask Alain in the morning about where my best chance of finding a sage who would know anything about the Northern regions. As for now I better get back to bed I am sure Anaros will notice if I am gone too long. I just wish I could get these Knights to drink wine it does not smell as bad as the stale ale. Hopefully the next city we go to will have Elverquisst.


1/2 Benny (combined with 1/2 Benny from “We Won”) for full award.

wolfhound wolfhound

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