Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Journey to Valkur's Roar

16-24 Flamerule 1479 DR

The heroes made fairly good time, arriving in Suzail safely. There, they encountered the difficulties with hiring on one of the big merchant companies… lack of credentials. The Seven Suns Trading Coster and Trueshield Trading Priakos already had plenty of guards for their caravans. House Skatterhawk had no caravans left in town (having all recently left). That left House Glanend. After talking with the well-to-do merchant family, the heroes were put in touch with a caravan in need of guards. A well known and highly skilled halfelf Cormyrian glassblower by the name of Leafall Bandis of Moonever was need of swift transit to Waterdeep. He was desperately wanting to give a presentation at the House of Crystal (the main hall of the Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers and Speculum-Makers in the North Ward of Waterdeep) in but 50 days. The journey would take very nearly that long!

Wasting no time, the band set out the very next morning – four wagons, sufficient horses for those wagons (and a couple to spare), and the dour caravan master known as “Old Nynys” waited in the pre-dawn for the heroes to arrive.

On the Dragonmere Trail, they learned of the horrors of the Abolethic Sovereignty (as best as Old Nynys could explain) and got to experience bucolic rural Cormyrian seaside life as they rolled along. However, on day three they were attacked by a lizardman hunting party. The battle was fierce and (very nearly) spelled the doom of the small caravan. However they triumphed and continued, making it to Valkur’s Roar in five days – arriving at the 24th of Flamerule.

  • Game: 6/29/09 via Fantasy Grounds II
  • Not submitted as RPGA Home Campaign
  • XP: 300xp per character
  • Gold and Treasure
    • Bundle ID#1 & ID#10: 100gp Pearl, 10gp, an Elvish cloak of entwined vines and leaves (Cloak of the Walking Wounded, lvl 9)

Please try to keep Treasure Tracking updated.

Due to stability issues, we’ll be moving away from Fantasy Grounds II and back to OpenRPG. We seemed to have fewer glitches, disconnects, and general usability was better with OpenRPG.


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