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Horn of the North

Kalarel's End

20 Kythorn 1479 DR

In the bowels of the Keep on the Shadowfell; a place once known as Keegan’s Keep, the heroes faced the minions of Kalarel. In life, Kalarel was a devoted minion of Shar and who was tasked with the duty to perform a ritual that would bring back Shadraxil the Dragon (who had sworn itself to Shar’s service).

Within the Keep, the heroes discovered the remains of Sir Keegan himself who helped them find items of power that would assist in defeating Kalarel’s plans. It was shortly before the stroke of midnight on the 20th Day of Kythorn that the heroes at last fought their way to the underground ritual chamber. There, the ritual was being cast as the heroes descended into a nightmare of blood and necrotic power.

Sir Dueren Farrider, a human Paladin of Kelemvor and his former squire (now recently knighted) Sir Braelyn had also been tracking the activities of Kalarel. They had entered the Keep, hoping to meet up with the heroes, but not finding them and running out of time, they had pressed on ahead to try and thwart the ritual. Unfortunately, Sir Dueren, who was old and weary from the long pursuit, was not quite up to the task. The Knight, an old nemesis of Kalarel, fell in the Keep and was sacrificed to Shar. The young Sir Braelyn watched the man who taught him to fight die before his eyes – the other heroes were but moments too late to save Sir Dueren.

In a battle that lasted a very long time, the heroes fought side-by-side against Kalarel, his minions, and even Shadraxil who was manipulating the shadow of the barrier that held him at bay. It was a close fought thing, Dot and Rurick fell in the fighting from heavy wounds despite the best efforts of Alain to keep them all going. All were bloodied and tired at the battle’s end when Elithia at last found an opening to put an arrow in Kalarel’s throat. Shadraxil was none too pleased at Kalarel’s failure and devoured him into the portal before it sealed.

Exhausted and spent, the heroes went back into the upper levels to speak again with the spirit of Sir Jerold Keegan. After recovering the remains of Sir Keegan’s wife, children, and Sir Dueren, they rested and set out for Winterhaven in the morning of the 21st, shortly after sunrise.

  • Jan. 9, 2009 via OpenRPG
  • 1350 xp divided by 6
  • 1000 gp
  • +2 Magic Dagger
    • This dagger (value 1,800 gp) provides a +2 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. It also deals +1d6 damage on a critical hit.

Please go through the Player’s Handbook and Adventurer’s Vault books to find magic items you would like your heroes to have. Get me a list of items, from level 3 to level 10. I will try and incorporate them into future treasue bundles. Also, if you could find out your character’s birthday. Please use the Harptos to Gregorian Calendar Conversion page if you’d like to convert from real world to in game. I always use my real birthday… makes it easy.


Bracers of the Perfect Shot lvl 3
Viper Belt lvl 4
Mercurial Rod lvl 6
Irrefutable Armor lvl 7
Gloves Eldritch Admixture lvl 8
Rod of Feywild lvl 8
Vicious Rod lvl 8
Diadem of Acuity lvl 8
Cat Tabi boots lvl 8
Rod of Mindbending lvl 10
Cape of Mountebank lvl 10

Dot’s birthday is 12th of Eleint

Kalarel's End

Magic Item wish list:
3 – Battle Standard of Healing
5/10 – Tactician’s Armor (Chain) +1/+2
5 – Goggles of Aura Sight
7 – Boots of the Fencing Master
8 – +2 Force weapon (polearm, preferably)
8 – Bracers of Bold Maneuvering
9 – Healer’s Brooch +2
9 – Gloves of Storing

Alain’s Birthday – Midsummer, 1454DR (updated on character bio as well)

Kalarel's End

Shared Suffering Armor, lvl 5, pg 51, Adv Vault (Hide preferred)
Point Blank Weapon, lvl 3, pg 75, Adv Vault (Bow preferred)
Cloak of the Walking Wounded, lvl 4, pg 151, Adv Vault
Bracers of Archery, lvl 6, pg 115, Adv Vault

Elithia birthday: Eleint 13

Kalarel's End

Glen’s List
Gloves of Piercing lvl 3
Black Iron Armor lvl 4
Ironskin Belt lvl 5
Gauntlets of Ogre Power lvl 5
Dwarven Greaves lvl 7
Shield of Defiance lvl 8
Helm of Battle lvl 9
Circlet of Authority
Cloak of Survival

Jeanette’s List
Burglar’s Gloves lvl 1
Catstep Boots lvl 3
Gloves of Piercing lvl 3
Elven Cloak lvl 7
Sylvan Armor +2 lvl 8
Diadem of Acuity lvl 8
Amulet of Health lvl 1 or 8
Safewing Amulet lvl 3 or 8
Dynamic Belt lvl 9

Kalarel's End

Belt of Vigor(2)
Bracers of mighty Striking(2)
Bashing Heavy Sheild (5)
Horned Helm (6)
Dwarven Greaves(7)
Gauntlets of the Ram(8)
Thundering axe (+2) (8)
Black Iron +2 Scale (9)
Cloak of Survival +2 (9)

Kalarel's End

By player agreement the “in-character way” to “code” items will be as follows:
Alain – Bloodstones
Dot – Purple with lightning motif
Elithia – Foliage and leaves
Rurick – Black and gold
Braelyn – Bone motif
Doran – Flowers and stargazer lilies

Kalarel's End
wolfhound wolfhound

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