Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

On to Waterdeep!

We are on our way to Waterdeep! I know that it is not on the way to Damara, but we go there to find information to help us in our ultimate quest. Waterdeep is our intermediate destination. From there, we will hire on with a trade caravan to Calimshan. Once in Calimshan, we will hopefully find the information we seek: the true nature of of the usurper king of Damara.

We know little of our destination. Rumors only of Calimshan as an evil place unfit for decent folk. Perhaps in Waterdeep we can find more reliable information.

For now, we have hired on as caravan guards for a small caravan out of Suzail. Our acquaintance with Huntcrown served us well, for upon hearing of our work for Huntcrown, we were well received by the representatives of one of Cormyr’s noble merchant houses. With a letter of introduction from the noble house, our caravanmaster hired us on the spot. We guard the finished masterpieces of Cormyr’s premiere glassblower. He goes to show his wares to the Guild of Glassblower’s & Speculum Makers in Waterdeep. He claims to have a new process for creating a new type of glass that is not so fragile as ordinary glass. I hope so, for he is in a great hurry, and pushes his wagons hard.


wolfhound wolfhound

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