Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Riders at Noon

5 Flamerule 1479 DR

The heroes rode into Corhen’s Crossing at noon and some of the sharp eared members of the group overheard a commotion in the thorpe’s sleepy streets. A young ruffian was shouting to the homes something about “Give up the luthier’s boy and nobody gets hurt! The boss is being lenient giving you another chance.” – Rurick and Elithia headed straight for the ruffian. They arrived on the empty street on their horses and after a moment or two of a standoff; where a couple more ruffians appeared down the street armed with crossbows like the first one, Rurick charged in.

A hail of readied crossbow bolts took down both the dwarf and his horse, leaving him sprawled in the dirt. More ruffians that were hiding down allyways charged into the fray and battle was joined.

When it was over, an interrogation of the two survivors began. It was discovered that “Nightshade” was in fact in the thorpe. He was in the former burgomeisters home; the only two story longhouse in the village. Apparently Corhen’s Crossing had been under the thumb of Nightshade and “his ilk” for nearly two years. The luthier’s boy was wanted because his father had insulted Nightshade and was killed – the boy was being hunted (it was guessed) for Nightshade’s further vengeance. After asking the villagers and the survivors a few more questions, it was guessed that Nightshade was Shadar-Kai and that the Remorhaz’s Breath was; in-fact, being produced locally. The most cooperative of the ruffians was allowed to live (the very same one that was overheard threatening the thorpe earlier). He was stripped to his underclothes and given a shortshort and one day’s “head start” – the other was axed by Rurick.

The heroes then set their sights upon the two story longhouse and Nightshade.

  • Game: 3/14/09 via OpenRPG
  • Not Submitted as RPGA Home Campaign – forgot to prelist the event, sorry
  • XP: 175 each
  • Gold and Treasure
    • Recovered from pockets and pouches of the brigands: 140gp


Do not forget when we go take on the big bad guy. We need proof that he is from Netheral. Not sure if that means keeping him alive.

Riders at Noon

The big bad guy being Nightshade

Riders at Noon
wolfhound wolfhound

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