Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Road to Arabel

30 Kythorn 1479 DR

The heroes spend nearly a full ride in Winterhaven at the request of Swordcaptain Sir Garz Ordeth; they were advisors to the Purple Dragon Knights of the Hullack Company that had been brought into Winterhaven by Lord Padraig. Work had begun on improving the ruins of the old Keegan Keep for the purpose of establishing a regular garrison and patrol of the Shadraxil portal prison. The heroes’ in-depth knowledge of the Keep’s underground levels was invaluable.

In that time, Alain at last was told the truth of his birth and birthright. As scribe, I have already included entries from his journal that describe in detail the specifics. Needing to reach Arabel and Count Huntcrown, the heroes left the mountains and headed southwest along the East Way.

The first day proved grueling as they came out of the high elevations back into the lowlands. Even Rurick, the Dwarf, felt the effects (though perhaps a ride of drinking and leisure may have contributed more) and at the end of their first day – rest was a welcome friend – even though it was amongst the monster infested trees of the Hullack Forest. That night, around the flames of the campsite, Alain informed his travelling companions of the matters surrounding his birth.

The next morning, the heroes encountered a travelling merchant (Threnor of Arabel) and his new wife (Alis Nighthair) being assaulted by what seemed a mere band of hobgoblins. Though the opposition was stout, it was dispatched and as they tended the wounds of the merchant it was learned that they were part of some kind of band – using an insignia of the dwarven rune “B.” Though none spoke the barbaric goblinoid tongue, from Alis it was learned that the name “Shar” had come up several times. Rurick had found on one of the bodies, a bit of parchment marked with numbers and words that suggested either the Hobgoblins were keeping count of kills, or had a list, or perhaps an invoice. Elithia, who had gone off into the forest to seek the riding horses that had fled, brought word of fresh tracks. Sir Braelyn talked sense into the merchant to return to Arabel for safety rather than risk life and limb on dangerous roads without a caravan or escort. Much to Alain’s chagrin (who had asked the merchant to continue with his original plan on to press on Winterhaven with naught but two crossbows between them) the merchant saw the sense in the paladin’s proposal and changed his mind; life being worth more than easy profits on the frontier (selling construction goods to the folks at Winterhaven).

The heroes set off into the forest to seek the truth of the “B” rune Hobgolins and their dealings with Shar. The undergrowth of Hullack was thick and by deep twilight, Elithia’s sharp eyes spotted a camp. Elithia, Doran, and Dot all went forward to glean information and overheard only two words in clear Common – “Shar” and “Kalarel.” Charging forward into the camp, the heroes did battle with another group of “B” rune Hobgoblins; slaying all but the archers who fled further north into the depths of Hullack. Elithia’s sharp eyes brought down one of the fleeing Hobgoblins. Amongst the coin and treasure they found no further parchment, but did find sets of binding ropes and chain manacles. The additional clues were slim, but perhaps the “B” rune referenced the “Bloodreaver” hobgoblins? The clues matched up after all – the Bloodreavers were the ones that found victims for Kalarel’s dark ritual.

They decided to pursue the fleeing hobgoblin archer to see to where their quarry would go to ground.

  • Game: 1/30/09 via OpenRPG
  • Submitted as RPGA Home Campaign – Sanctioning #: 09-02-1821038
  • XP: 380 each (2280/6)
  • Gold and Treasure
    • Parcel 4th #1 (#8): – 280 gp
    • Parcel 4th #2 (#3a): – (unidentified) Magical Rod (purple and decorated with lightning motif in silver)


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