Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Rooftop Hunt

4 Flamerule 1479 DR

The heroes begin their task, searching the back alleyways and rooftops of Arabel. Many citizens are asked (some discretely, some boldly) what they know, what they’ve seen, and where have the crimes been carried out. Some time after the midnight watch, they come upon a band of thieves that are robbing a large merchant’s property.

Rather than risk detection and push a bad situation against posted sentries, a cunning trick is played by Doran and Dot who use their wiles to extract a single name… the Blue Spider (a seedy dive in Arabel that no one with a respect for their own reputation would ever visit). Elithia and Doran follow a blundering thief from the scene of the crime, the rest of the heroes go directly to the Blue Spider.

Several hours later, the gang of criminals enter the tavern and begin evicting the previous occupants; including the heroes. The halfling leader of the band (or if not the “leader” then at least the “first among equals”) offers the heroes a drink to cushion the rudeness of the eviction.

All seemed to be going well for the robbers until Rurick smashes several of the gang with his now empty mug…

  • Game: 2/21/09 via OpenRPG
  • Submitted as RPGA Home Campaign – Sanctioning #: 09-02-1839149
  • XP: 175 each
  • Gold and Treasure
    • zero


Remember to only knock the “halflings” out – declare when they drop!

Rooftop Hunt

After we left Lord Huntcrown’s place Dot asked to speak to Elithia and Doran. She explains that she is wanting to go back and speak with Huntcrown later and wanted to know if there was anything she should to know about him.

Rooftop Hunt

Yall are hours beyond that point now, such information would be akin to a retcon. Ask in-character after the upcoming fight (or during I guess would also be possible).

Rooftop Hunt
wolfhound wolfhound

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