Campaign of the Month: June 2008

Horn of the North

Weeding Winterhaven

21 Kythorn 1479 DR

In the early morning hours, the heroes arrived back in Winterhaven. However, they carried bodies that needed to be interred. Rather than enjoy the breakfast that they could smell wafting through the valley; they headed to the village graveyard and discovered that Kalarel’s reach extended somewhat beyond death.

In the graveyard, a low hanging morning mist concealed the shambling forms of undead that had been animated from among the village’s dead. After fighting through to the tomb, a Shadar-Kai witch was found in the process of another dark ritual. On a coffin lid a half-elf woman named Doran was bound; clearly the witch intended her to be a sacrificial victim. Elithia’s sharp ears allowed the heroes to burst in the door to the tomb in time to save the half-elf’s life. The Shadar-Kai ultimately escaped via some kind of amulet but its minions (which included a vampire) were put to rest again. The heroes learned from Doran that she was simply passing through town and while shopping the previous evening in Winterhaven, was drugged and kidnapped while inside Bairwin’s General Goods.

The heroes raced back to town to root out the truth behind Bairwin’s shop. According to Alain, Bairwin (a native), had a year or so ago come back to town with sufficient wealth to open his shop and set himself up as a pillar of the community. Bairwin had always been the entrepreneurial kind so the town had simply assumed he had; at last, been successful with one of his schemes.

Two members of the town patrol were brought with the heroes to Bairwins as the heroes kicked in the doorway… and discovered that magical wards had been placed on the doors. Twin thunderbolts ripped through the morning mist as the wards exploded with thunderous might – awakening the entire community. After recovering from the shock and sound, the heroes raced into the shop and found a trapdoor leading down into the basement. There, Bairwin and a half dozen minions of Shar awaited the heroes. After a grueling battle, Bairwin was subdued. The storekeeper was brought before Lord Padraig where; by his own admission, it was revealed that he was a Netherese sympathizer and spy. His execution by Lord Padraig was done with a dagger wielded by the Lord of Winterhaven himself.

Alain’s father, a high ranking member of the town watch, had left town the previous morning (during the events of Kalarel’s rite which had turned the sky purple) to seek aid from the Cormyrian Purple Dragon knights in the area. They arrived by late day to find out what the community needed and to post a patrol at the ruins of Keegan’s Keep. At Wrafton’s Inn that night, a celebration in the heroes honor was held; a successful first adventure indeed.

One final note, Kalar, the elf that had come to Winterhaven seeking more information about his mentor Douven Stahl, chose to stay rather than continue his dangerous career as an “adventurer” – all through the celebration his apparently reciprocated affections for goodwife Wrafton were quite clear.

  • Game: 1/16/2009 via OpenRPG
  • XP: 2475 divided by 6 (412 each)
    • Level 4!!
  • Gold & Treasure yet to be determined in-game (potentially a Cormyrian Charter plus whatever else).


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