Leafall Bandis

Glassblower from Cormyr (the seaside township of Moonever)


A half-elf glass blowing master, dressed well, sandy-blonde hair, and green eyes. Master Bandis has burn scars on his hands; tokens of the career he’s chosen.


The heroes encountered Master Bandis when they sought work as Caravan guards. He was in need of swift transit to give a presentation at the House of Crystal in time for the yearly grand meeting of the Masters. The House of Crystal is the main hall of the Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers and Speculum-Makers in the North Ward of Waterdeep. He had 50 days to make what would be; with luck, a 40 day journey.


“My new technique may change the world. Imagine a non-magical way to produce glass that’s as clear as the very air we breathe!”

Leafall Bandis

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