Alain of Winterhaven

"All the world is a game. To reach your goals - to win - you just have to learn how to play."


Level 3 Tactical Warlord

  • Target Paragon Path: Commando Captain
  • Target Epic Destiny: Mythic Sovereign

Stats:  STR 16, CON 10, DEX 12, INT 16, WIS 11, CHA 13


  • Armor Proficiencies:  Leather, Chainmail, Hide
  • Shield Proficiency: Light
  • Weapon Proficiencies:  Simple melee, Military melee, Simple ranged
  • Level Feats:
    • Action Surge (2)
    • Inspired Defense (H)
    • Tactical Assault (1)


  • Combat Leader
  • Commanding Presence (Tactical)
  • Inspiring Word 


  • At-Will:
    • (1) Commander's Strike
    • (1) Viper's Strike
    • (1) Wolf Pack Tactics
  • Encounter:
    • (1) Warlord's Favor
    • (2) Knight's Move (Util)
    • (3) Hold the Line
  • Daily:
    • (1) Bastion of Defense


  • Aecris (+1 Longsword)
  • +1 Dwarven Chainmail

Alain born on Midsummer of 1454 DR, and was raised in the small Cormyrian town of Winterhaven, a border settlement nestled in the Thunder Peaks.  His father, Joral, was a high-ranking member of the town guard, and had served in that capacity as long as Alain could remember.

Due to his father's position with the guard, Alain lived inside the city walls, helping his mother, Kera, around the home and receiving his education from her.  He frequently got into trouble as a young boy, and Kera attempted to redirect her son's energy by arranging for him to be tutored by Valthrun the Sage.  While Alain did learn quite a bit of history from Valthrun, it was their weekly chess games that finally got him off the streets and out of trouble. Alain proved to be a quick study of both chess and lanceboard, and the matches between he and the old sage began to last much longer, with Alain winning more and more of the time.

During his "down time" away from Valthrun and his mother, Alain found himself around the barracks, especially on days when his father would conduct drills or when a contingent of Purple Dragon Knights would come through.

While the formations and formal drills appealed to him, he was much more interested in the "mock combats" that they would run – he could watch the movements and plot them, as if they were figures on a lanceboard.  Alain initially had to sneak around to watch those, but he was eventually discovered.  Rather than being punished, his father allowed him to observe the exercises openly (a decision Alain intially found odd, given the harsh punishments usually given for such deceptions, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.)  His father and the other leaders that he interacted with quickly found that Alain had a firm, if rudimentary, grasp of small unit tactics, and Alain began training with the guard regularly.

During this time, the "friends" that Alain had run with during his unruly years grew into their own roles as town bullies, picking on the younger children and even rising to the level of vandalism and theft on occasion.  While not a formal member of the town guard yet, Alain would occasionally rally some of the other youth in town into a "bully patrol" and soon put an end to the minor hooliganism.

Then, of course, came the fateful day that a rag-tag group of adventurers rolled into town, talking of kobold gangs and secret cults.  When they set out to find the kobold's lair, Alain quietly set out after them…

Alain of Winterhaven

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